Gaining Momentum

So I’ve switched my persona. The M*******l Number S*x. The transition is complete.

I’ve explained my reasons for the switch. In essence I felt the ‘Confession of the Whole School’ brand was doing me a disservice in my current position. My current stance. I’m standing bold, upright with legs apart. Chest out, Rik Mayall style. Confession of the Whole School, as a ‘band’, was me rebelling against the past. And it was great. Some outstanding (if I do say so myself) strange music, especially on the Galton Detail album. However, I am happy in my skin. And I am happy with my past. I wanted to start again with this new found freedom. It’s not a difficult concept. Bowie has re-invented himself a hundred times. Well, this is my re-invention.

The M*******l Number S*x.

I have new ‘fans’ who only know me as The M*******l Number S*x. I like this. It’s liberating. Those new ‘fans’ found me on YouTube and have naturally migrated here in search of ‘the past’. Interesting. Nothing wrong with that. A fan of the ‘Thin White Duke’ seeking ‘Ziggy Stardust’. Absolutely fine.

So what should those new ‘fans’ listen to? Well, there are only three Confession of the Whole School discs, so you could easily listen to all of them. Just click ‘music’ in the menu and listen away. Start with World Domination.

If your time is limited… listen to ‘Perhaps I’ll Kill You’ and ‘The Last to Know’. Honestly, if interest were to increase due to circumstance I would consider a ‘one disc’ Greatest Hits package. Ha ha!

But I’m also happy for new fans to ignore my previous music. There is nothing wrong with residing in the here and now. Nothing.

And vice versa. If you’re a Confession of the Whole School fan…be sure to check out ‘The M*******l Number S*x’ on YouTube. Also be sure to ‘like’ the Facebook page!

Over and out.

Any opinions?

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