Confession of the Whole School – All Monsters and Dust


All Monsters and Dust…’ is complete!  The debut album of CONFESSION OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL.  You are currently sneaking a peek through the recording studio door! 😉

A little information on the songs if you are the sort with an enquiring mind:

The first track on the album is a song titled The Last Gasp.  It is a track full of sentimental value to me and a definite message to people in my history.  Certainly a song that dwells in the present and the past as if they were one – making time a theme of the album in fact!

Reconstruct a memory is an ode to the past and the future… at the same time.

Dorian Gray contains a couple of my all time favourite lines that I have written.  “I’ll see your don’t, and raise a do”.  And my very favourite… “You’ve got a face – that breaks the law!”.  Ha ha!

’50s teen flick harks back to my youth.  Anyone out there remember Moviedrome with Alex Cox?  Great memories.

Come closer is a happy song!

Perhaps I’ll Kill You is probably the killer track on this album.  Blunt and to the point.

Double click delete is a song about how nice it would be if we could just wipe clean unhappy events in our lives.  Just delete them from existence!

Fall is a song for my best ever friend.

The Legend, the Icon, the God is a short, sharp stab of pain.  An angry song written when I was feeling on top of the world.

Saturday night (sit down) is a nostalgic song about how the grass is always greener and we all end up wearing rose tinted spectacles.  The TV of my youth just seemed so much more fun.  Probably the closest proximity I’ve been to a ‘novelty song’.  Ha ha!

The comedy is over is an epic, overblown, cinematic work of art.  So many styles of music mashed together.  My love of full orchestral, wall of sound pop shines through.  This is a song about picking yourself up after a fall.  Dusting yourself off and fighting back.  You can only feel sorry for yourself for so long…

Colour my grey sky is a snapshot.  An idea caught in a breeze.  A sweet song that loops and lingers.  The end.  The final, passing goodbye.