the comedy is over

I’ve been asked to give a ‘background’ to “the comedy is over” for a podcast. Never had to do that before. Let’s have a think. The song used to be a gig-opener as a full on instrumental and was inspired by the 1970s War of the Worlds concept album. Later I put some lyrics to the music and was in part inspired by Beethoven’s alleged final words. It is now a classic album ‘closer’… so in a way it has come full circle. The song is really about taking a grip of your life and not letting other people drag you down.  The way the song starts is a nod to Fragile, the first album I ever owned.  This seminal album by Yes was rescued from a dustbin by my nextdoor neighbour (a dustbin man) whilst on his rounds.  I was only a kid, but for some reason he thought that I should have it.  I didn’t get into the content of the music until a lot later in life… but the gatefold sleeve artwork was something to behold.  Kind of links in with War of the Worlds.  A past era.  In this download age 😉

Any opinions?

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