moleskine notepad

Okay, I’m a bit of a weird one.  Was watching Columbo the other day and I thought “I must have a little notebook like his to jot ideas in”.  And now I have one.  A little Moleskine one with the elastic band and everything.  Lovely little thing.

Will keep it in my back pocket and jot lyrics down as they come to me.  Have already started and got a few crackers.  This will hopefully enable me to finish some of the countless songs floating about in my head.  I currently have about eight songs on the go at the same time in the studio.  I shall hopefully be finishing them and posting them up over the course of this year.  I will get this CONFESSION OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL album finished.

I am a perfectionist and only the best will do.  Even when a song is finished and posted it does not mean it necessarily makes the album.  Any feedback about which songs you do and don’t like will be most appreciated!!!

Any opinions?

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