I wanna be elected

Sitting here watching the election.  Looks like the Conservatives are going to get in.  Maybe a hung parliament.  We’ll find out in a few hours.  Everyone prepare to riot!

Hmmm.  I open the brand new issue of Computer Music and what do I see?  Page 64 tells me I could record the sound of a wine glass and use it as an instrument.  Oh, and I could shake a jar of rice and use that sound as a ‘shaker’.  This annoys me a little as my new song uses these themes.  At least this website has documented the creation of the new CONFESSION OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL song.  It proves it was well underway before publication of this magazine.  This band will not be accused of blindly following the advice of a magazine! 😉

(actually… for the record, I’d recommend Computer Music to anyone.  Great magazine.  It would certainly be an ambition to get a song onto the cover disc)

Any opinions?

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