So… it was the last episode of LOST last night apparently. I must admit to never having watched a single second of it. EVER. But, strangely, I have read various forum comments about it over the years and feel like I’ve actually been along for the ride. My observations:

*** SPOILERS ***

It seems that an awful lot was left unexplained about the actual workings of the ‘island’. This would appear to be the main cause of upset to the hardcore fans.

It ended with a “they all died and went to heaven” curtain closer.


Having not watched any of it, and therefore not really giving a damn either way, I would point people to one of my personal favourite shows – The Prisoner. The original not the remake!!! This most intellectual of all tv shows in history also had an ambiguous finale that angered many people at the time. It is still a very difficult watch now… but I find solace in its unanswered questions. Sometimes things are right not to be answered. And sometimes people really are just making things up as they go along.