Disappointment – To fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of.

Okay, so perhaps as a nation we were again a bit full of ourselves to think we could win the World Cup… but we always have that hope.  To be honest it’s the ‘hope’ that keeps a lot of us going.

What is it with England and disappointment?  I think it’s in our DNA.  But cheer up guys, it’s not all bad!  We are what we are.  Some of our brightest lights have shone from a place of disappointment.  Take a listen to Nick Drake.  Sometimes, just sometimes, from a bleak place can come a beautiful thing.  The Americans have a “build them up and take pride in them” attitude to life.  The English come from a different place.  We dwell in “build them up and knock them down”.  Our music can be bleak.  Listen to Pink Moon, or any of the wealth of bleak albums that this little island has produced.  I love bleak.  I love sad.  I love empty.  Some people shine brightly, but just for a moment… then they’re gone.  But never forgotten.  Here’s to all the people that others will never forget.

And don’t worry… we’re gonna win the World Cup four years from now!