the eleventh hour


The birth of a new musical collaboration. The Eleventh Hour is a brand new project emanating from the fusion of two artists with the same vision.  Where We Go Next was the “found sound” piece I worked on with American musician Bill Ryan a couple of months ago.  Well… the collaboration has continued!

We have just completed a fresh song.  Mean Machines  carries  forward the themes and direction of the previous effort and has led Bill and myself to one conclusion…  we must make this permanent.  This combination of thoughts, experience and musical expression will now exist forever.  Like the blocks of Stonehenge, our music will endure.

For what is essentially a side-project for a couple of already established artists we have chosen a name.  The Eleventh Hour.  Although we will both obviously continue with our own works, we feel that The Eleventh Hour is worth full commitment.  We aim to complete an album and to be honest, with two tracks already laid down, this is coming pretty easily.  We feel we are onto something – a special something – and through this Confession of the Whole School site you can sneak a little peep through the door and stay ahead of the game!

You will now observe another option on the top menu bar – The Eleventh Hour.  Click on this at any time to listen to the songs, view the artwork, in fact anything we choose to add.  It will hopefully provide an interesting deviation from the rest of this site which is, of course, still devoted to Confession of the Whole School material.  Rest assured that new Confession songs are on the way and ALL MONSTERS AND DUST will get a release!  I won’t abandon you!  But I also know that you’re gonna love what Bill and I have got in store for you.  This is clever music for clever people.  New music for new ears!