the album track

I nearly have another song completed for my “all monsters and dust” album.  This song is a bit of a departure from the norm and will be one of the oddities on the album.  Shall I give the title away?… or is that tempting fate?  Hmmm.  Well, it’s called who invented the colour yellow? and I think it’s gonna be the ‘love it or hate it’ song on the album.  I’m from the school of thought that says sometimes you’ve got to have those songs.  I love JD but I hate Southern Comfort.  Hey, that’s life.  There’s something out there for everyone.  Sgt Pepper has within you without you.  I could personally do without you, but for some, that song is the key to the album.  Some ‘difficult’ tracks work, some don’t.

I’m just trying to work who invented the colour yellow? into a song that you’re going to love.  Perhaps you won’t love it for its catchiness, or for its ‘ipodability’, but maybe for the fact it’ll challenge you – and do it with a smile on its face.  I don’t want people to hate my songs!  But I don’t mind them being a bit perplexed 😉 .  That is the point where a ‘collection of songs’ finally gels into an album.  Rather than being a swept up heap of hits or singles, there is an uneasiness, a cleverness that elevates the mound of dirt to a position well above the sum of the individual components.  Occasionally the balance is wrong.  The ‘difficult’ song can shine so brightly that the rest of the album sinks into the doldrums (I’m looking at you Achilles last stand).  Sometimes the ‘difficult’ song is just so boring compared to the hits that all it calls out for is the finger on the ‘next track’ button (for me, some of the grandiose tracks on the early Maiden albums missed the mark).

So… it can be good to be ‘difficult’… if you’re lucky.  Fall borders on the difficult but I think I’m gonna raise the bar with who invented the colour yellow?.  Fingers crossed it works!!!

I’m still in the process of recording the latest song for The Eleventh Hour project with Bill Ryan.  This latest song is the opposite of what I have been discussing.  This is going to be the easy song on an album that so far seems headed in the direction of the ocean of ‘challenging’.  It’s gonna be a complicated journey, with islands of ‘wow, that’s a single!’ along the way.  Now… who could ask for more???