escape plan

Yay!!!  We’ve just completed the latest The Eleventh Hour song.  It is titled Escape Plan and it will hopefully give you a warm glowing feeling when you listen to it.  I would liken it to sitting back in a sweltering studio in New York on a summer’s evening in 1971.  Come on, roll with it… picture the scene!

You’re hitting ‘play’ on the reel to reel tape deck. A glass of JD perched on the side of the control room desk (although in NO danger of spilling onto the vintage console I hasten to add!!!).  There are a few hippy chicks milling about and a couple of blokes with handlebar moustaches messing with rizla papers in the corner.  Anyway, you’re not concentrating on them… you’re getting ready to listen to the summer distilled into a 3 minutes 50 seconds slice of rock.

What are you waiting for?!?  Hit ‘play’!