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Sometimes I just don’t have a lot to say. Other times I have everything. Anything and everything. 2010 has been a most interesting year. Purely in terms of song creation I have had a very productive year. Music has flowed like wine at an it girl‘s garden party. I am writing songs at such a speed. You have to understand that I have previous for being a little slow. Not mentally (not much)… I mean time-wise… writing songs. I could put Axl Rose and the Stone Roses to shame! But this year has been refreshing. I have reached a time in my life where I feel I have something to say again. I have an agenda. Life is too short. It is up to me to distill the essence of good music into bite sized chunks for public consumption. My little studio is my office. And believe me… I work. I work hard. Bill and I are in the process of completing a 6th song for The Eleventh Hour album.  What started as a side project for the two of us has certainly taken on a life of its own – and is on its way to becoming a fully formed band/album.  I look forward to what we can achieve.  And the latest song for ALL MONSTERS AND DUST is also shaping up to be a bit special.  Of course… it’s for you to judge just how special a song is.  But remember… if I tell you something is special – you had just better bloody believe it!