Try and Get Some Sleep

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm //drum roll!!!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The latest The Eleventh Hour song.

The song is called Try and Get Some Sleep, which is pretty apt given the work it’s taken to get this song on a slab of vinyl.  //violins.  We are excited about this song, and we are excited by this song.  I have to set the scene.  I’m Keith Richards or Joe Perry or Slash or (insert swaggering ’60s/’70s influenced guitar player) – hammering out a solid guitar riff.  I’m thinking open air stadium.  I’m slamming those chords, the wind blows… it’s a beautiful summer evening, there’s a breeze.  The sun is about to set.  Bill is clutching the mike stand.  Not because if he lets go he’ll fall… but in the kind of way all singers do when they want to be a bit ‘Mr MoJo RIsIn’.  The crowd have already been lapping up the ‘hits’ – a girl removed her shirt to Escape Plan… but this is the one they’re all REALLY waiting for.

So… I’m slamming out that 4 on the beat riff.  The drummer is twirling his sticks waiting for the point where he enters the song with a wham, bang and a thankyou.  Then I remember that Bill needs the tambourine.  With a quick flick of my foot (I’m still playing that riff remember), I hurl that tambourine through the air and Bill catches it like a pro.  He’s obviously into baseball – I’m more a cricket man therefore I’m more into the afternoon tea!  The song KICKS IN!!!

The sea of people go wild.  And because they’re The Eleventh Hour fans it’s a very elegant ‘wild’.

This is a song that, for me, evokes the summer.  If you’re listening to it now, then may it brighten your winter.  But roll on next summer and this one will be roaring!!!