first take acoustic track: She’s Dead.

You’ll understand, if you’ve listened to any of my music or watched any of my videos, that I am a fan of the “wall of sound”!  I have many a studio trick up my sleeve.  The videos are documenting the creation of the latest Eleventh Hour song – and it is set to be another epic.

I thought it might be fun to play with a few ideas in the meantime.  I wondered if I could just pick a song that has meant something to me in my lifetime – and record it in one take.  Just me and a guitar.  Why not?

So, I’ve plucked “She’s Dead” by Pulp out of the ether and given it a go.  I haven’t ever played or sung it before.  I don’t know the chords and I haven’t even listened to the song recently… but that makes it all the more enjoyable!  Ha ha!  And it’s one take – the first take.  With none of my usual production trickery!  Just me.  I thought this could be something I could do more often when I get a spare moment (like now where I’m waiting for Bill to send me vocal tracks).

Anyway… forgive me for singing in the afternoon (evening/nighttime is when my vocal chords are at their best!!!).

Enjoy (or not):