Lo-Fi Allstars

I took up a challenge a few days ago.  The challenge was to use a given set of lyrics and write a “lo-fi” song.  Lo-fi typically means a song that is recorded on the most basic of equipment.  A good example these days would be a song sung into the sound recorder on a phone.

Although I understand the given definition of lo-fi, I tend to disagree with it.  For me, lo-fi simply means lacking polish – whether intentionally, or through lack of equipment.  See, the thing is, over the years many so-called “lo-fi” bands have spent a lot of money-making their music “lo-fi”.  You could say that a song like Territorial Pissings on Nevermind by Nirvana is “lo-fi”.  But are we talking sound or money?  Hmmmm.  Difficult subject, difficult argument.  Anyway.. to cut a not very long story even shorter… I used the given lyrics and produced my “lo-fi” song in a couple of hours.  I came up with the music really quickly and sung the lyrics through just the once.  For me, and I stress, for me, this song is lo-fi!  Ha ha!  (**** it’s so not lo-fi 😉  ****)

This song is not part of any album.  It is just a quick throwaway recording for a project someone on Soundcloud has put together.   The lyrics have indeed been written by that Gentleman.  His name is S2a (Extinction of the New Dinosaurs) and if you are into spoken word stuff and anything with touch of punk then take a trip to Soundcloud and have a listen to his work.

As the lyrics are not mine I cannot be held responsible for their content.  I warn you in advance … there is a lot of swearing!!!

Any opinions?

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