2 thoughts on “A taste of things to come…

  1. Knew You Had it In you Kid….serendipitously….I was just thinking today, that, I would enjoy the hell out of a tune, just you and guitar blaring it out…YUP

  2. Hiya Wolves!

    I have been quietly beavering away on a new album. I am halfway through!!! This is SERIOUSLY fast for me! It is the most personal thing I’ve ever done. I think there is a good chance a lot of people are going to hate it. Ha ha!

    This song is the final track on the album. So… in typical Emrys style I thought I’d leak this one first!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I’m so caught up in electronica at the moment it’s kinda reassuring to know I can still bang out a badly strummed acoustic song. There’s no finesse about it… but I don’t think that’s the point with where I’m at with this new album. It is spur of the moment and emotional.

    I’m also nearing a release date for the Eleventh Hour project with Bill. Be sure to check out http://www.eleventhhourinitiative.com

    Cheers mate!

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