The Last to Know

This is the final track from my second album.  Probably the best song on the album.  It was certainly the most important song.  The Last to Know was the first song I wrote for the second Confession album.  Fair enough, Action Hero! is on the album and was technically written first… but in hindsight I feel that I needed to write Action Hero! as a kind of bridge between All Monsters and Dust and whatever the next album would be.  Action Hero! was an attempt to take the concepts I had set on fire with All Monsters and Dust and Escapism… and fling them to an altogether more extreme level.  Once I had proved to myself that I could write a theatrical 10 minute epic I settled down to write The Last to Know.  I wrote The Last to Know in the French countryside.  I literally wrote the song into my Moleskine notepad.  The song was raw, basic.  Just acoustic guitar.  When I eventually recorded it in the studio I embellished it a little… but in essence the song remains an acoustic blues.  I’ve bastardised the ‘typical’ blues form… but the blues it remains.  A new blues.  The Last to Know deserves respect.  It is a song that I am proud of.  Perhaps the best song I have written in years.  And yet it will likely be underestimated, neglected… and, over time, forgotten.  And that leaves me with a wry smile.  Perhaps that’s the way music should be.  I say goodbye to this era of my life.  The current Confession of the Whole School is no more.  Goodbye.

One thought on “The Last to Know

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