… nothing happens

Feels like a long time since I last visited these hallowed halls of verbal dexterity, but here I am.  I’ve taken a break from producing music for a few weeks and it was probably just what I needed.  I sit here now listening to Appetite for Destruction on my brand new ‘Rega’ turntable.  I know I’ve said it a few times recently, and I don’t want to sound like a broken record (see what I did there?), but there is something comforting about listening to vinyl.  It’s real.  For all the other reasons people will spout, and there are many reasons… I think the “it’s real” argument will always win the day.  I can hold the artwork.  I can watch the black disk spinning.  I can see the music physically being extracted from the ether like a caveman bashing a rock to carve a wheel.  (A pretty crap wheel – made of rock.)

And the slightly alarming fact is that I am updating a site that is intent on persuading you to download CONFESSION OF THE WHOLE SCHOOLtm albums.  Download.  Ones and Zeros.  Or rather ones and noughts. 10000110101100101100101010010110101010100101010100000100111111010100110101010110110111001010… soulless?  Well… maybe.  Luckily I’m not so wholeheartedly down on the idea.  Ha ha! Good job hey!?!  Ha ha!  No… music is music, and ones and noughts can still touch the soul.  If you close your eyes you can’t really notice the difference (bar the odd crackle here and there).  Ones and noughts give the world access to all music.  You can type any band into google and find somewhere to download or stream it.  The pirates have won.  Type ‘confession of the whole school’ into a search engine and you’ll find a rip of my albums.  Do it if you like.  We as musicians just have to hope that there are enough people out there who are touched by what we create so as to feel they are one with us.  We want you to feel as though you are on board our ship, headed in the same direction as us… enjoying the facilities (there’s a rather nice swimming pool sunk into the back of my head!).  And don’t worry… should we have a rocky ride you can rest assured I won’t be ‘tripping’ into any life boats.  I will be on board till the end.  I’ll go down with the ship, hand held at the temple in a salute.

Appetite has finished.  Hmmmm…. what to play next?  Oh well… a cliché maybe but I’ve just stuck Dark Side of the Moon on.  Come on!  Give me a break!  There are certain albums that record players were invented for!  Wow… it sounds superb.  I’m a pretty recent convert to the Dark Side actually.  For years I have been more of a Wish You Were Here fan.  But Dark Side just holds so well together.  The ALBUM that I’m always banging on about!  Confession of the Whole School… the repetition of topics.  I will drill it into you. Ha ha!  Well… you know I’m a fan of repetition… I’ve said before that repetition is one of the fundamentals of comedy and music.  Just don’t stick a wet finger in my ear too many times!!!

So… this post is just to say “hello”… I am still here… I haven’t forgotten my purpose in life.  In fact… you should probably nip over to my sister site http://www.eleventhhourinitiative.com for I am (/was) working on a new song.  To be honest I had to load it up today to recall whether it was any good or not!  Ha ha!  But… thankfully, yes, I thought it sounded quite fantastic.  Better than I remembered.  One of those songs that I’m already forgetting I wrote.  Like it’s taking on an identity.  Becoming something bigger than its creator.  That happens every once in a while.  You write a song that takes on a life of its own.  You hear it and think “What a fantastic song”.  And then you think “… hang on… I wrote that didn’t I?”.  Followed by “Bloody hell!  That’s really good! … How did I write that?”.

Hmmm… off topic.  Topic?  Subject?  Hmmmm.  Would it surprise you to know that I’m coffee’d off my head?  Ha ha!  Probably not!  Till the next time.  And I promise next time I’ll have something significant to say.  Or…

Any opinions?

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