Don’t stay in the water for too long!

Good evening my friends.  Long time no type.  I have been beavering away on a new song… a song that is currently sounding fantastic even though it is far from finished.  This is a kind of polar opposite to the previous song – Rust – in that this one is taking some time.  Or rather I’m taking time on it.  Short doses… here and there… periods of time that when combined will probably add up to no more than a standard song.  But I’m dipping in and out… in a similar manner to the way in which I wrote an old track called Dorian Gray.  That particular song took many years of toes in the water to complete.  This one will be much (much!) quicker to get the hell out of that bath tub… but it has definite echoes of Mr Gray.  I’m hoping the painting hidden in my house will still give me the Devil’s luck as that original song, Dorian Gray, has turned out to be my most popular song.  Unexpectedly so.  But I do enjoy a tale of the unexpected.

Any opinions?

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