Paris#1 – A Study of the Eiffel Tower

When I was working on my debut album, All Monsters and Dust, I took a break from the grind and ventured to Africa.  I took a lot of photographs (one of which became the cover of the album), and drew a huge amount of inspiration.  That album was, all in all, a hard slog… many years in the making.  It’s funny how the African adventure set off a new energy in me.  A new vigor.   The sights, the sounds, the smells.  I enjoy photography.  I feel sight and sound are intrinsically linked.  Africa set me on course for the completion of All Monsters and Dust, and the creation of the Eleventh Hour Initiative project with Bill Ryan.  From a decade of procrastination to a year of frenzied writing and recording.  I am proud of the resulting albums.

Then I had a rest and wrote the second COTWS album, the Galton Detail.  An introspective, quiet piece.

Now… I am ready for business again.  I have travelled to Paris to get some fresh scope and zest… and it is indeed an inspiring city.  In the build up to my latest song I would like to post a series of impressions of Paris.  Believe me, it will all make sense when you hear the song!  So… to kick things off, I present my photographs of the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve got to say… the tower is still a striking feature on the landscape.  Decades of over-saturation have not diminished its presence and even though it is one of the most famous ‘sights’ in the world it still manages to surprise and impress.  For a glorified piece of scaffold it ain’t half beautiful!

Any opinions?

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