The Saddest of All Keys

Here’s one of those moments frozen in time.  Colour My Grey Sky is the final track from my debut album All Monsters and Dust.  I recorded it a long, long time ago.  I vaguely remember that I walked into my studio, picked up the electric guitar and played the song in one take.  I recorded the guitar and vocal onto one track – anyone with any ‘studio’ knowledge out there will know how restrictive that is.  But, for this particular ‘song’, that one take/one track mentality worked wonders.  It set the song in stone right from its inception.  Colour My Grey Sky only ever existed in its final form.  There was no ‘writing process’.  There was no ‘practice’.  The creation was the conclusion.  There are few lyrics because I didn’t ‘write’ any words.  The song simply documents my feelings on that day.  History.  I think it’s a pretty song – more than the sum of its parts.  A truly fitting song for the final moments of an album that took so much blood, sweat and tears to put together.  After all that tortuous soul-searching, the last song just flowed from me with no effort whatsoever.  That, my friends, is life.

Any opinions?

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