A change of appearance?

Hello, long time no see.

I created this website a long time ago. A different life ago.

I had recorded with award-winning artists and shared stages with fantastic musicians but at the time I brought this site into being I was feeling pretty jaded. I was questioning whether the world needed any more of my music. Perhaps that’s a question which can never be satisfactorily answered. In any case, I found my answer. I make music because I make music. Yes, it’s a loop. Life is a loop.

And so it is that I type tonight to light up my latest project with a naked flame. Imagine… words carved letter by letter in huge slabs of granite, at night, illuminated from the side by a hundred candles. Hell, make it a thousand.

I have a bit of a fascination with the number six. I think it stems from my long love of Patrick McGoohan’s ‘The Prisoner’. If you know it, congratulations. If you don’t… never mind – it’s probably too late to start now.

I’m enjoying making music. I have created a YouTube channel and I have already posted a number of videos. They’re mostly guitar-related… but there are also random rants on a variety of subjects. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk… to camera. This website is great to post photographs and try and be ‘intelligent’, but videos allow me to just talk bollocks. And sometimes bollocks are all you need.

My Confession of the Whole School albums are still available. And they’re great. They represent a transition. They’re like my ‘Rubber Soul’ and ‘Revolver’. The new music is more like my ‘White Album’. Or maybe ‘Sgt. Pepper’? Hmmmm, I’m not sure about my Beatles analogue. Anyway, people move on. A line in the sand. Where I once felt I had to prove myself, I now feel free to do whatever the hell I like. And it feels good.

If you’re in any way interested in guitars then you might like to view a few of the videos on the channel. If not, then you still might find something you like. At least join me in a glass of red wine?

And the best is still yet to come, for not only will you have my new music, you’ll also be presented with TEHI’s sequel to ‘Escapism’. The album is long-awaited, but I promise it will not disappoint. The music is majestic and the genius Bill Ryan is on fine lyrical form. We will release teasers soon. The album, ‘The Only Way Out is Through’, will be a game changer. You just wait!

So, as you can see, although it’s been a while since I’ve thrown anything of substance at the wall – I have not been sleeping. Now… where’s the next set of photographs to post?

Be seeing you.

Any opinions?

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