Indescribable… Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It!

So I was clicking through my Facebook profile last night and I saw a few photos that I had accidentally set to ‘public’.  I panicked and quickly set them to ‘friends only’.  That’s a bit strange isn’t it? I don’t like the thought of people from the past clicking on my profile and seeing anything of my present.  And yet…. I’m happy to pour out endless nonsense to the world on this website. – so I asked myself, “Why is that?”.

A more pertinent question is probably “What is the value of privacy in the ‘social-media-age’?”.  We all have friends who say “I don’t have a Facebook page and I never will”.  We all know people who have a real aversion to all things ‘public’ about the internet.  And yet, one by one, we are all being caught by the creep of the Blob-like privacy invasion(/Steve McQueen-less).  Our phones now have apps that are sneakily sending and receiving info about us behind our backs.  Before you know it your phone will start judging your behaviour.  People with iPhones already have that ‘assistant’ guy who schedules appointments for them and tells them the time in Beijing (I know, I’ve seen the adverts).  Soon that assistant will be giving you a right kicking for drinking too much coffee and watching too many YouTube clips when you’re supposed to be cleaning the house.  Invasion of privacy is pervading all of society now… even the naysayers who claim they don’t know what Twitter is.  (I’m on Twitter… but I don’t really #understand it @like I probably should).

You either fight the creeping blob, switch your phone off and spend every night at the pub… or you learn to embrace it.  I’ve opted for the embracing, although I do quite fancy the drinking.

With my previous musical exploits I tended to be quite secretive.  I didn’t really want people to know too much about me.  I certainly didn’t want them to know how I created the songs.  Being in a band was like being in the bestest, most funnest club ever.  Outsiders were scorned… unless they were fans.  Then when I no longer had a band I wanted to be the mad scientist, locked in the lab, creating sound from bubbling test tubes of self-indulgence.  But the problem then was… if I’m not giving anything up… why do I think anyone will care?

And now we are here.  Confession of the Whole School.  The band name itself suggests a major revelation.  I created this site to spill the beans on what it takes to create great music.  We are talking self-sacrifice, extremely good looks, a level head, extremely good looks and, most of all, the ability to open one’s soul to the world.  This is the difficult bit – because it clashes with my fundamental desire to skulk in the shadows – to be an enigma.  But this is more fun.  Being open is fun.  I love watching documentaries about the making of art.  I love eavesdropping on snippets of the Beatles in the studio.  I watch endless YouTube clips on ‘behind the scenes’ music-related bollocks.  It’s all good.  I’ve entered into the spirit of it, and I have made myself available to the world.  This website is my voice piece… my megaphone.  And where my band was my club and any fans were just a bonus… now this website is my club and any ‘fans’ are members of the club too.  It’s like a bigger club.  Whereas before I was playing venues with an audience of one man and his dog… today I can probably afford to hire a decent sized tent.  As my web-based-fan-base grows I’ll up-size.  Next stop… a decent static caravan.  The world is my oyster.

Hmmmm… Now, just gotta change my Facebook profile picture to an old cartoon show or something just so that anyone who searches for me by name can’t see my face!  Imagine that!!!  Arrrghhhh!!! The horror.

why can’t I touch it?

I’ve created a Facebook page for The Eleventh Hour. “Why have you created a Facebook page for The Eleventh Hour?” I imagine I hear you ask. Well… I must admit it is not something that is at the top of the band’s agenda. Put simply, we are here to make the best music known to man. We are about half way through the album and all is going well. We feel the songs are hitting whatever marks we want them to hit. In fact we are painting the marks. The great thing about not being on any bandwagon or being part of any ‘scene’ is that we can therefore decide on the terms of engagement. The rules so to speak. We are drip feeding you The Eleventh Hour songs – not to irritate you… but to allow you, the select few, to hear a work in progress. This ‘drip feed’ also has the benefit of allowing Bill and I to ‘live’ with the material – to get a feel for which order the songs should be placed in. We realise the era of the ‘album’ is likely over – but it doesn’t mean thought shouldn’t be put into the ‘whole’. The ‘whole’ is the flow of the songs. Sure – you’re all gonna re-order it on your i-pod, or… select shuffle /shudder. But that shouldn’t be on our agenda. We are here to give you a performance. An album is a performance. Perhaps a dying art… but still an art nonetheless.

So… back to the topic at hand. Facebook. Why Facebook? Well, The Eleventh Hour is still a private deal. A deal between us and you. The Facebook page gives you an opportunity to easily share our music with your friends. It also gives you the chance to comment on the songs. Perhaps it will help us determine the final track listing that will be made public. I suppose the Facebook thing is just a little step towards opening up The Eleventh Hour music to the world. The songs are not downloadable and cannot as yet be bought… but that is still not the point right now. The point is that we want to keep our music in the public domain – and Facebook is just one way amongst many to expand that domain. The Facebook way of doing things has obvious flaws. To outsiders the perceived importance of a band’s Facebook page is assessed purely on how many people ‘like’ it. Well, although we would obviously hope you would all be ‘liking’ the page anyway… at this stage, the number of ‘likes’ is not important. The page is just another sentence in the conversation we are having with you. When the album is finalised and we open it up completely to the world then maybe ‘like’s will sit more heavily on our backs. Until then, we will just continue on our quest to capture more songs. They’re out there… roaming. We have nearly finished another one. In fact I have just added shakers and tambourines to it (insert repetitive hand motion gag here). It is a pretty song. A song for the summer. Next summer’s anthem? Stay tuned… it will be posted soon!

*** You’ll find the Facebook link in The Eleventh Hour drop down menu at the top of the screen! ***