She’ll Be Prettied Up in an Hour

The barrage of new updates to the website continues right here: Track 4 from THE GALTON DETAIL.  This song is a relaxing, middle of the road song.  It is necessary because the song that follows is a 9 minute epic.  Would you want to go on stage before “Action Hero”?!?  Ha ha!  Poor, poor “Prettied Up”.

Oh, and another thing.  Capitalisation of song titles.  This is becoming an issue!!!  I know the general rules. I thought I had a natural feel for it.  I’ve never really had any problems up till now.  But I’ve noticed that starting with ‘Eleventh Hour Initiative’ songs such as ‘Life Will Be the Death of Me’ and leading to this song, I am becoming ever more confused.  I’ve googled the ‘rules’.  But the ‘rules’ don’t always agree.  Some say that all words in a song title should be capitalised.  Others say that just the ‘important’ words should be (well, they say this in an extremely complicated way – they don’t call them ‘important words’!).

So… which letters would YOU have capitalised in the song title: she’ll be prettied up in an hour?  Answers on a postcard! I really lost the will to live with this one!  Ha ha!

Anyway… enjoy the most AOR song I have ever written!  😉

Come With Me If You Want To Live

Come with me if you want to live.  I mean it.  There are millions of mundane songs out there.  A billion run of the mill bands.  A trillion kids and a zillion number of music web sites.  However, CONFESSION OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL fans… my dear fans… all you need to know is that I have your backs.  I am here for you.  Listen to track 2 from my latest album.  It is titled “Come With Me If You Want To Live”, and for once it really needs no explaining.  The lyrics already say everything that needs to be said.  I thank you.