Writing a Song PART IV

… and just in case you want to listen to the actual mix of the song I produced during this 4th part of the documentary I present it in its full glory here:

weeping angels

A good episode of Doctor Who tonight. Makes a change 🙂 . I suppose it’s a bit sad making any kind of admission to being a Sci-Fi fan… but, what the hell! Someone’s got to watch these shows. They should put me in charge of the music though – I’d soon sort that out! Nice bit of shenanigans with Amy at the end too! 😉

Anyone who’s into this kind of stuff really should give the great, but unfinished, Firefly a watch.

I’ve been working on the new song today. I’ve done a bit of ‘beat-boxing’. So far there are still no conventional instruments on the track. It is certainly sounding interesting. I think this one could be something special!