Just watched Part 1 of the Doctor Who series finale.  In my humble opinion – really great stuff.  Universe scaling, balls to the wall tea time tele!  And a reminder to everyone that being ‘epic’ is pretty much always a great thing.

Crossing the road… not epic.

Making a cup of tea… not epic.

Knitting a new scarf… not epic.

So what is epic?  I consider epic to be something on a colossal scale.  Something that takes your breath away.  So, what’s this got to do with music?  Well my little Confessioners… if you take the time to listen to the music that your mentor is creating for you you’ll hear the journey towards epicness.  The aspiration to fulfill the perfect ‘epic’ song!

How do you make a song epic?  Well, let’s forget about how YOU make it epic, let’s talk about me a bit more!  I love epicness.  There, I’ve said it (well, typed it… but it’s the same thing really and not worth pontificating).  I digress… I love ‘big’ songs.  Always have done.  Whether it be ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’ or ‘Kashmir’, there is something ‘above and beyond’ about a song which has its sights set so high.  There are many musical methods to create an ‘epic’ song.  I suppose the easiest way (and I say ‘easiest’ with the hugest pinch of salt) is to use an orchestra.  This leads me to the next term.  CINEMATIC.  This is a word I have used to describe my music for a long time.  But what does it actually mean?  Well, I would consider a song that paints a picture in your mind a cinematic song.  Some songs are throw-away songs.  Catchy they can be… but do they linger?  Do they make you weep?  Do they make your day?… make your life???  I ‘feel’ a cinematic song.  It is a statement of intent.  The writer has a passion for a subject and they want to inject it straight into your heart or your brain.  How much longer must we endure the average?  The mean?  The mode?  I live for the epic.  Listen to the ending of songs such as The Comedy is Over, Fall or Where We Go Next.  These are songs that make you want to set fire to your furniture (then cry as you realise you haven’t even paid for that damn sofa yet!).  I want emotion.  I don’t want emoticons.  I want the real thing.  I want Coke!!!

Um, anyway… Yes, I watched Doctor Who tonight.  An epic episode.  I like epic!!!

doctor who

So, that was the new doctor who tonight. Consensus on the interweb so far seems to be “whoopie, it’s great”.

Well, I wasn’t convinced. Hmmm, what have they done to the theme tune over the years? How did we get to this? The theme tune was one of the great electro tunes on tv. Seems those days have gone. And I hate to say it, but FAR TOO MUCH BLOODY BOMBAST OF MUSIC in EVERY, SINGLE scene! Sometimes silence is golden… and that comes from a die-hard wall of sound merchant!

Great assistant though!

Tinkering with some new songs. I should have them up and ready soon. The album is certainly taking shape.