junior apprentice

I watched it on catch-up tv tonight.  So what’s the verdict?  Do you guys think the right ‘man’ won?  I don’t think so.  The all-rounder won it but I’d have given the prize to the ideas man.  The poor kid came up with the concept single-handedly!  The professionals were so impressed… and yet he lost.  I think it was probably down to three things:

1)  The guy looked like a bunny rabbit

2) He used hair straighteners at every opportunity

3) No-one was sure about that facial hair

Still, I’d have given him the £25,000.  Poor sod! 😉

Anyway… Friday night!  Just a quick note to say I’ve been tinkering with Where we go next – refining it and distilling it to its essence.  It is now sounding pretty hot.  And to think it started from hitting some wine glasses with a spoon!  Well, the Beatles used to experiment at Abbey Road.  So, yeah… I’m comparing myself to the Beatles!!!  Ha ha!

Any opinions?

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