back to the notepad

No… not a belated sequel to a Michael J Fox franchise. I’ve got the notepad out again and I’m sketching ideas for a new song. Where we go next was a great success and therefore I’m trying to get that lightening to strike the same place twice (a clock tower perhaps?)! I shall again try to get the skeleton of the song jotted down in my cool little notepad. This pad will be worth a fortune one day! People will queue to touch it!!! Ha ha!

The new song already has a musical motif. A strong tune and a driving drum beat. I shall keep you all updated with the progress of the piece. I would have liked sites such as this when I was growing up. To have been updated about the ins and outs of the songwriting process as it was happening with my favourite bands/songwriters would have been a total insight. I’m not necessarily saying I’m a songwriter anyone should admire (well… I am), but I certainly think the creation of a song is sometimes just as interesting as the final product. I was always one for “making of”s and “behind the scene”s. Ha ha, maybe I’m the only person who listens to all the commentaries on a DVD! Let’s be clear… I’m not saying anyone needs to know what a song “means” – I’m all for ambiguity. I just think it’s nice to be included on the journey. In this case… as it happens. Over and out fellow confessioners!