a post with lots of ???s

Maybe I should start work on the ultimate song?  What do you reckon people?  The perfect song.  So, what would be your perfect song?  Would it be the song that you most enjoy listening to?  Or would it be the song that you most respect?  Heart or brain?  Perhaps that is the eternal conflict for any songwriter.  To be (clever) or not to be (clever), that is the question.

What is the ultimate song?  Is it short and sharp?… or is it an epic?  – a song of such scale that it obliterates all who dare to look it in the face.

My favourite songs?.. off the top of my head… typing at 100 miles an hour, with the radio on.  Hmmm… let’s see: actually… after typing a list of my favourite songs I have now deleted it.  I don’t think it’s something I should publish.  It would influence your opinion of my music.  Anyway… a quick tot up of the list revealed that most of the songs on it were pretty short.  For every Bohemian Rhapsody there was an Ever Fallen in Love With Someone You Shouldn’t Have and a Babies.  So… my conclusion… the perfect song does not have to be a rock opera.  In fact it is likely to be a small, insignificant work which nevertheless brightens your day, and then your life.

But I like my Kashmirs, my Sympathy for the Devils, my Achilles Last Stands, my Day in the Lifes, my Cry me a Rivers.  I love my Stairway to Heavens, Ballard of Dwight Frys, Rime of the Ancient Mariners, Everyday is Like Sundays… these are songs I would consider epic, not only in content but also in technical sophistication.

So, I am going to attempt a truly epic work of art.  I’m gonna try to complete a song that will take your breath away in its sheer outrageous scope.  The most cinematic song I have ever undertaken.  A work of total bloody-minded epicness.

Okay… I admit I’m typing this whilst drinking a bottle of red wine… but you’ve got to set yourself goals.  And when I complete the song I will point you all back to this post and say “told you so!”.  And, okay, it doesn’t help that I’m watching a documentary on Freddie Mercury!  Ha ha.  It’s bringing out the ol’ rock whore in me!  But my whole music life has been about trying to outdo the last song.  What could outdo the last song more than a 13 minute rock epic???  Hmmm.  Maybe I should watch Spinal Tap again for the millionth time.  Saucy Jack?  No, an epic from me would be well worth the wait!  How long have you all got?  See you in 2020?!?