the impossible became the possible

So… after yesterday’s rant about the unrecordable vocal, I came home today and decided to tackle it head on.  I marched straight into the studio, loaded the ‘pain in the arse’™ up and stood in front of the microphone.  Now… you’ve got to picture the scene.  Remember when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear off? , well… it was similar to that.  Except no Tyson, no Hollyfield and no ear biting.  But the spirit was there.  I hit record and just sang it – one take.  And you know what… it sounds absolutely cracking!  I have it!  I have recorded the unrecordable vocal.  Unfortunately, as the song is a wild and wonderful epic there are still another couple of minutes to fill with words.  Words which I have yet to write.  But I have a good idea for lyrical content now.  I thought I had the name for the song but yesterday’s entry on this site has made me rethink.  “Dorian Gray” would be a cool name for the song.  I shall set about the task of completing this monster of a song.  If only you all knew just how long this song has been gathering dust.  To finish it would be like saying goodbye to a piece of me!

A music recommendation for you.  I’ve been listening to “The Wild Hunt” by “The Tallest Man on Earth“.  An awesome album.  This guy has an ear for a melody.  Great vocals and great guitar playing.  There is still something to be said for a good tune and it’s good to know there are people out there flying the flag!  Sometimes I feel so alone, ha ha.  The production of his album is interesting.  It is raw in the extreme… but the songs shine.  I suggest you youtube “King of Spain“.  And then remember who turned you onto it!