the office

I’ve had a day in the studio working on the latest The Eleventh Hour song.  It is a beautiful little gem.  A sweet song that plays on my ears like a breeze on a hillside.  Seriously… it is a song that can conjure images in the mind.  It is certainly very easy to be pretentious in this business, but I think Bill and I are a breath of fresh air.  A song doesn’t have to be mindless to succeed.   A song doesn’t have to be soulless to sell.  The deeper I dive into the ocean of  what it takes to be part of The Eleventh Hour the more I realise just what we can achieve.  We are currently nearing the halfway point in the recording of our album – and I can honestly say that, so far, the whole process has been refreshing.  Two pretty much like-minded individuals with a goal of creating an album that will push things forward and stand the test of time.  I doff my cap to my learned American friend and wish him the best of merriment!