the calm after the storm

So that’s another song completed.  Another piece in the puzzle that is the Eleventh Hour’s debut album.  I hope you like Twelve.  I thought it would be a great final flourish for the album so it feels right for it to currently nestle in as the last track.  Although I do background vocals on most of the songs I think it is fair to say that Bill is the lead singer of the band.  For that very reason it is perhaps fitting that I take a lead role on the final song.  It seems apt.  The way the end of the song swirls into beautiful oblivion brings a tear to my eye.  Although the actual track order of the album is by no means finalised it will take one hell of a song to knock Twelve off its finale pedestal!

So… on to the next one.  What will it be?  That is the eternal dilemma for the songwriter.  It all seems so easy when you look back at songs you wrote.  Hindsight is 20/20!  Ha ha.  But… before the song is written the whole process is a tad daunting.  We are talking about … nothing.  Not even a blank canvas.  There is no canvas.  Just a record button.

Click… hmmm.  What shall I play?

I am on a roll like never before so I’m not worried.  In fact it’s exciting to see where I might go next!  Twelve was a very gentle song, a very structured song and a very simple song.  So fellow Confessioners… what do I do now?  Well… I have an idea for a completely off the wall song.  I’ve sketched some random thoughts out onto tape and the ‘song’ that is forming is reminiscent of Reconstruct a Memory.  It’s nothing like that song, I just mean it has angles and set-pieces!  I think I’m gonna have to invent a musical genre if it doesn’t already exist.  Kitchen Sink.  You’ve heard of Rock, Indie, Dubstep, Grime, AOR, MOR, Heavy Metal etc ad infinitum.  Well… I think I’m Kitchen Sink.  If the next song goes anything to plan you’ll hear exactly what I mean.  I hope the song will cleanse my palate and let me get back to The Eleventh Hour with renewed vigour!