…and straight back on board

I’ve been working on this new song.  A really quite upbeat, heavy little powerhouse of a song.  I intended it as the latest song for my Confession of the Whole School All Monsters and Dust album.  There is now the possibility that it will actually appear on the Eleventh Hour album.  Nothing’s confirmed – we haven’t signed anything in blood yet… but I look forward to hearing Bill’s ideas and seeing where we can take the song.  This Eleventh Hour album is coming on in leaps and bounds.  It’s practically writing itself.  Ha ha!  Who am I kidding – I’ve worked my arse off!!! (Bill has of course worked his …butt off too!)  Ha ha!  In fact Bill made a comment today that I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing.  He said if only we’d met ten years ago just imagine how many albums we’d have made.  So, so true.  I’d even go so far as to say I reckon we’d be household names.  I’m not sure which kind of households… but let’s just imagine they’re trendy ones – households with lots of money to spend on merchandise.  My face could have been on a million baseball caps!!!  😉