Elbow Grease

My manifesto!  Ha ha!  I’ve been breaking the rules today.   Okay… here’s the story.  I am currently working on a song that is becoming more than “just a song”.  It is a beast of a piece.  And the more I tinker the more the beast is snarling and lashing to get out of his cage.  I still have him trapped in the cage at the moment – but seriously, I can only keep him in there for so long.  The caged animal.  Prowling.  Shifting back and forth.  Put in a less obtuse way, I have simply written the longest song of my career.  It has waves, movements – like a theatre piece.  It has a chorus or two.  It could almost be an entire album rolled into one song. In fact some of my favourite bands have had albums that are only twice the length of this song!  Ha ha!  I think this song is going to split opinion BIG TIME!  Some will love it some will hate it.  I gotta say that the me of a few years ago would perhaps have fallen into the ‘hate’ camp.  But the me of now is fully behind this song.  It is as epic as I can get without actually hiring the Albert Hall and finding 500 tramps to play the spoons.

Okay… breaking news.  This new song is going to be called ACTION HERO.  There… I’ve said it.  I have to complete it now.  The game is up and the secret is out.  There is a new song and it is called ACTION HERO!  Hey, maybe I’ll even include that exclamation mark in the title.  And, actually… it looks pretty cool written in capitals.  Like someone’s SHOUTING it!


So… there you have it.  This song will either confirm your confidence in me – or make you believe that I’ve lost my mind, lost my sense of credibility.

You gotta understand see.   I have written my fair share of pop songs.  I have written songs that ‘should’ have changed the world! 😉  Ha ha!

Now I gotta write some just for me.  Whether any of you are interested in coming along for the ride is a whole different matter!!!

And I shall update you soon about how you can actually get your hands on my debut album All Monsters and Dust.

This has been a most exciting 12 months.  What with the Eleventh Hour and Confession of the Whole School I have been writing prolifically.  Not just that though… the important thing is I’ve been writing the best songs of my career.  Listen to the two albums back to back and you are hearing some serious time and effort.  It has all been worth it.  How crazy would it have been for these songs to never have existed – just because I may never have bothered to put the effort in!  A bit of elbow grease.

Any opinions?

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