My Blues

I am here.  Working on a new little ditty.  Small scale.  Intimate.  Ha ha!  up my own arse or what?!? Ha ha!

ACTION HERO! is on hold for the moment.  It is finished – but on a semi-permanent vacation.  I am here. I have an acoustic guitar and my note pad and nothing else.  I can’t audio record an idea.  I just write it down in the scribbled manner I have become accustomed to.  Pages of weird tablature and random diagrams. I think I’m on the brink of a really beautiful, really simple, really down to earth song.  I would hope to have it finished in a week or two.  But for now it is an idea.  A spark from a fire.  Lighting up the night.  But only for a fragmented moment.  Then it’s gone – unless I can make my notes completely complete.  (and stop drinking the red wine!!!).

Anyway… I think I’ve stumbled upon a new take on the blues!  Watch this space fellow confessioners! Watch this space with interest!!! 😉

Any opinions?

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