First of all… sorry I haven’t been updating this site a lot lately.  Don’t go thinking I’ve been on some kind of holiday though – I’ve just been gearing up for the release of the Eleventh Hour Initiative album.  This is the album I created with Bill Ryan and which I have posted about on this site many times.  If you’ve forgotten then perhaps you’ve been drinking some kind of sci-fi bottled water?  Or been kissed by Superman?

Over on the Eleventh Hour Initiative site ( Bill and I have been trying out an idea: to post 14 articles about the 14 songs on the album.  A kind of online, extensive set of album liner notes.  We’re nearing the 14th post but the release date is upon us already.  The album, “Escapism“, is released tomorrow.  It will be available on iTunes and Amazon.  But you actually have to put in less effort than that.  You will be able to just click ‘BUY’ on the right-hand side of this site!

This is an important album for one simple reason – it’s really good.  If you’re anything like me then you’ll appreciate the overwhelming wealth of music that is now available on the internet.  Music the likes of which didn’t exist even ten years ago.  Today it seems that everyone is in a band.  Everyone is a DJ.  Everyone is everything.  The internet has opened up the world and has allowed everyone’s opinions to be expressed without any editing.  Everything is out there.  Music falling from the sky like rain.  The good and the bad… but mostly the bad.  In this environment it is difficult to work out what you should spend your valuable time listening to.  Well… I’m telling you… give “Escapism” a go.

I’m still working on the next Confession of the Whole School album.  It is very nearly finished.  But I am holding back on any revelations as I want to give the Eleventh Hour Initiative album a chance to breathe.   Come midnight, click ‘buy’.  I thank you.

Any opinions?

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