A splendid time is guaranteed for all

So, I was dressing up to go to a heavy metal gig.  I thought… you know, what should I wear?  So I went with a t-shirt with a skull on it and my favourite leather jacket.  A leather jacket that is extremely rock!  It has a skull with a snake slithering through it on the back, and snakes down the arms.  (on a side note… the only problem with this jacket is that the skull and snakes are actually made up of a series of holes.  Which means that when it rains the skull and snakes perform the function of making you (…me) get wet… not an entirely useful ‘app’ for a jacket!  But… in any case, it looks good… and in today’s society what else could be as important as ‘looking good’???).

I come down the stairs wearing the t-shirt and the jacket.  The girls are clustered in the hallway around the mirror getting ready.  You can picture the scene – all glasses of champagne and hair straighteners.  One of the ladies says “What’s with the pirate get-up?”… and this flummoxes me for a moment.  But then I realise it’s the whole ‘skull and crossbones’ thing.  “Hmmm” I say…  “I see what you mean”.  And that sets me thinking.  Is heavy metal particularly ‘pirate-y’?  “Why do you have to dress as a pirate to go to a heavy metal gig?” she asks.  “Hmmmm…” /again.  I just say that I don’t think metal is particularly pirate-y and that it’s more to do with the ‘death’ and the ‘danger’.  But it was certainly food for thought.

So… I go to the gig. It was at a kind of underground basement place – the kind of venue where the sweat drips from the ceiling.  Funnily enough the place is called “The Underground”… spooky that!  I walk down the stairs into the darkness to be met by my friend.  Fine.  Good stuff.  So I turn to go to the bar and what do I see?  A life-size pirate.  A life-size model pirate.  Not only that… but this is a life-size model skeleton pirate.  “Hmmmm…” I think /again/again.  Hmmm… you know what… perhaps metal is actually a little too pirate-y?

The band plays.  A band called Meansteed.  They play a pretty good approximation of ACDC.  In fact… the whole evening had a feel of NWOBHM.  The singer has something of the Bruce Dickinson about him and the guitarist a little of the Joan Jett.  I bought the CD and they all signed it.  I have now placed the CD in a secure vault just in case any one of them goes on to be the next Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran (unlikely).  But a good night was had by all.  Jolly good in fact.  Jolly Roger.  Hmmmm… /again/again/again.

Any opinions?

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