The first post via my phone!

So, I sit here watching Question Time… mobile phone in hand… and I can post to my site! From the comfort of my sofa… Rather than the comfort of the chair upstairs. Different chairs different comforts. To be fair a phone isn’t a huge leap of faith from a computer… although I find typing on this touch screen a complete pain in the arse!  Therefore please forgive any grammatical errors when I’m posting from this phone. There is likely going to be a lack of paragraphs.

No, it’s okay… I found the ‘enter’ key. Hmmm. In the time it’s taken me to type this I could have not only run upstairs and typed it on the computer… I could have eaten the computer and a whole pack of Cream Crackers… Dry! Yes… Dry!

Anyway, the purpose of this post? I have nearly finished the latest Confession of the Whole School song. And I think it’s a belter! Be prepared though… It is a little off the beaten track!!! I hope to post it tomorrow. Night night.

Any opinions?

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